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Bournedale Elementary School Completes Successful Kindness Week Challenge

Bourne:  During Kindness Week, Jan. 23-27, students filled out "Kindness Acts" worksheets to document how they spread kindness at home and in school. Students who completed their worksheet had their name displayed on the school's Kindness Board.

School Adjustment Counselors Bethany Magnatta and Abby Downing coordinated the Kindness Week Challenge.

Students and faculty were able to wear fun outfits based on each day's theme. Themes included “Peace, Love & Kindness,” where students were encouraged to wear tie-dye clothing, and “BEE Kind,” in which students were encouraged to wear yellow and black.

Bournedale faculty read books with a kindness theme, and decorated doors around school with positive messages.

"Our students went out of their way to make sure their peers feel recognized, and I am so proud of them,” said Superintendent Quinlan-Zhou. "They learned that even the smallest act can have a profound impact on those around them, a lesson they will carry forever."

At the end of the week, participating students received a dance party and popsicles for their tremendous efforts.

"I love seeing everyone, students and staff, coming together to celebrate kindness. It's one of my favorite weeks of the school year," Magnatta said.

This year, Bournedale Elementary School collaborated with the Great Kindness Challenge Team to collect "Kind Coins" to help fund ocean clean-ups, and raised almost $500.

This initiative helped give students a sense of empowerment and highlighted how they can make a difference globally.

To learn more about the Great Kindness Challenge. click here.

"Our students exhibit kindness and compassion every day," said Downing. "I am continuously in awe of their kindness toward others, and this week highlighted how wonderful they are to those in their community and within our schools."

Bourne PD/FD Kindness Assembly
Bourne Police and Fire visit Bourndale Elementary to participate in Kindness Week. (Photo courtesy Bourne Public Schools)
Bourne Elementary Kindness doors
First grade teacher, Mrs.Kelley displays door decorations during Kindness Week. (Photo courtesy Bourne Public Schools)

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